Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tried it Tuesday!

Today, I'm linking up with Fourth Grade Flipper for "Tried it Tuesday"! I'm so excited to talk about my new Math Daily 5 that I began yesterday in my classroom- perfect linky for this! Click the pic below to link up and blog about something you've tried out!

I've been struggling all year with the format of my math workshop. I have 19 kids with varying needs, some who require a significant amount of support. I began my year with a math station format- a teacher station, activity station and a game station, with 3 groups rotating to each station. I stuck with this for months, even though it didn't work for me. I then moved briefly to a different workshop format- with three stations, only I called them math by myself, math with a partner, and math with the teacher. Same concept, but a little less planning for me because the other stations, other than the teacher station, were strictly review. STILL didn't work! I was frustrated... so I scoured Pinterest, chatted with colleagues, and decided to give my version of the Daily 5 a try - only for math!

I spent the weekend prior to this planning - creating my station signs, thinking about what options I would include for that first week, and how to hold the students accountable. I snapped some pics this week to show you what it looks like and so that I can explain how it works!

My Math Daily 5 Board
Each student has a card with their name and picture (not shown, but they live in the purple cup on top of the counter!). They get their Daily 5 sheet, and I pull their names out randomly for them to choose their first stop.

 Close Up View!

My 5 centers (the ones I felt are the important components of a solid math workshop) are: 
Math by Myself - Includes games, workbook pages, etc.
Math with a Partner - games for partners, other activities
Math Facts - working on their fact rings (courtesy of Erica Bohrer), other math fact practice
Math with Technology - apps on the iPad, laptops, or my Mimio board
Writing About MathMath Journals, "Number of the Day", etc.

Middle Drawer: Material Storage. This is my "Oz-some" Ten More, Ten Less math game- click the link to find it :)
Bottom drawer holds my future choices for Daily 5 centers. This is from Deanna Jump's 100th Day Packet! Awesome practice for coins/money, and the kids love it :)

This is for materials! The top drawer is for my folders (see below), middle for materials for any games, and the bottom is storage for upcoming choices!
The top drawer is for the Daily 5 Folders! There is no "Math with Technology" as of right now, because I don't need a recording sheet for any of the activities I have planned for there. There is a different color folder for each station, clearly labeled with the center name, containing the recording sheet(s) for that particular center. The blue folder contains the Daily 5 checklist sheets (below). I store these in the top drawer!

(It's sideways, SORRY!) 

On Monday, my kids each get one of these sheets. They write their name on it, and carry it with them to each stop during the daily 5. I start math with a whole group mini-lesson from TERC Investigations on my Mimio board. Then, we break off to Daily 5. I think I'll keep the same options for one entire week without adding anything new. This week, the kids only have 1 (or 2) options for each Daily 5 center that they have played before or are very familiar with, since this is our first week. I plan to add more options (2-4) for each Daily 5 center as we get more comfortable with the format. 

To hold the kids accountable, they must check off their Daily 5 sheet as they complete centers. They attach their recording sheets with a paper clip. 
Mini containers from AC Moore!
Stored on top of the folders in the top drawer.

My kids are storing their checklists and recording sheets in their "Ketchup" or "Daily Work" folders for the entire week, only turning in their work on FRIDAY. Better for me and my organization! 

So, the kids get their checklists, make a choice, and go! They are free to move around to other options as they please. I can honestly say, my kids are the most on task that they have EVER been all year- they are getting so much done! This format makes it so I am free to confer with individuals or pairs, or pull strategy groups (much more flexible format than my previous "3 group" format!). I limit each choice to 6 students, and 4 at technology, since I only have 4 iPads. So far, the kids have been great. IF they finish all 5 choices BEFORE Friday, they are able to take a second (or third!) Daily 5 checklist from the blue folder to do more! I told the kids it was a "bonus round" (worth a sticker- woohoo!). 

I'm so hoping that this continues to work- when I asked the kids what went well, they all loved that they had a CHOICE in what they could do for math workshop, they had flexibility in how long they could stay in a spot, and could work with different people during Math with a Partner. I love that I can prep for a whole week, I am still getting my mini lesson and discussion in, I can hold them accountable while giving them more freedom, and can keep my groups flexible and more "on the fly", like in my Reader's and Writer's workshops. My kiddos are learning so much! 

Below, I included a little freebie - it contains my signs for the Daily 5, the checklist, and a few of the choices I typed up for my own personal classroom. I included some apps (LetterSchool, Math Slide), Number Boggle, Oz-Some 10 More, 10 Less, Piggy Bank to $1.00, Fact Fluency Flip Cards, Roll & Cover Subtraction, Math Journals, Math Ring Review, and games from TERC, including Make 10, 3 Towers and Counters in a Cup. I hope you can use some of these! If you're struggling with math workshop, give the Daily 5 a try! :)

Grab more great freebies here, and link up! 


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  2. I love this post, Sara!! This summer, I am going to be doing a major overhaul in how I work my math block next year. I have implemented Daily 5 (well, modified it for me) in my language arts this year and it has been a lot more planning but so worth it overall! I like how you have a checklist for the students. I found that I had to do that as well for D5 in ELA. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing how you organize Daily 5 math!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. Thanks for the great linky! I've overhauled my math block 4 times this year and this seems to be working the best :)